• Everything in life, and any shape other than a circle has an angle. Limiting yourself stops us from being creative. Utilizing the circle and eliminating angles opens our mind and forces us to create and use our artistic edge and become free.

• A circle has no direction, but is a whole and is infinite. Just like the atom, it is circular, but look at what it creates.

• Our philosophy is hair sculpting, not hair cutting. 

• Like music, with 7 different notes, endless possibilities exist to create sound. With hair, we are taught only a few different ways to cut hair. Eliminating the word cut and replacing it with sculpt, opening your mind and forgetting what was taught and using the individual as our canvas makes the hair style unique to you and only you. 

• The best hair sculpt comes when it is customized for the individual. Haircuts with angles and layers are styled by the stylist and can frustrate the client when they cannot recreate the style at home. When the hair is sculpted to the client's face and head shape, the client will always be happy when trying to style from home.

• Sin Republic is created for every individual. We have no limits. As long as you have hair, we can sculpt you. 

• We are your artists. Your psychologist, someone you feel comfortable talking to. We are part of your family. We’re here to build a lifetime relationship. To understand your personality, your lifestyle and fashion sense, we understand your whole, your number one accessory. Your hair.

• I believe when the client has an appointment at Sin Republic, we don't think of it as an appointment, we think of it as a bonding moment. It’s a time to hang out with your artist and friend and to build a lasting relationship and become part of the circle.

• The reason Sin Republic is starting in Grand Rapids before going global, is because Grand Rapidians are all dedicated to the community and we love local business and supporting each other and watching each other grow and become successful and overall seeing Grand Rapids grow.

• I want Grand Rapids to be a trendsetter in the world. Using hair as a basis for style. There is plenty of buzz about Grand Rapids in many other aspects of business, so now is the time to put GR on the map for style and hair. 

• The reason I created my cutting style is VORTEX. VORTEX is, influenced by other true artists and combined with my own personal style, I created VORTEX. I will be sharing VORTEX with my team and training them to grow and offing them different options to the way they were formally trained, giving them endless creativity. 

• Sin Republic is its own country, not influenced by what else is going on in the outside world. Not saying they are wrong and we are right, but where any of your 7 desires, your sins, motivate you to the style you deserve. Confess your sin.

• Sin Republic is the music sheet. The notes are you, the client, your style, your personality, your life, creating a symphony. We are here to sculpt you.

I am extremely satisfied with my cut and color with Hailey on 3/3/17. I came in a brassy, washed out blonde with roots and I needed...help... no idea what to do. She gave me a thorough consultation to get to the bottom of the look and color I was going for.
— Cynthia Maas


Woman's Cut: $40-$60

Men's Cut: $30-$40

Children's Cut (12 and under): $25

Bang Trim: $10

Beard Trim: $10

Glaze: $45

Men's Color: $35 +

Color Retouch: $75 +

Global: $95 +

Partial Foil: $105 +

Full Foil: $120 +

Ombre/Balayage: $120 +

Blow Out/Style: $35

Formal Down: $45

Updo: $60

Deep Conditioning Treatment: $25

Eyebrow Wax: $15

Lip Wax: $15

Chin Wax: $15

Full Face Wax: $25


Bridal Pricing Upon Request